Procurement Guidelines & Templates

Find a set of guidelines and templates developed to help finding information about requirements and procedures related to IT procurements.

This document provides a checklist of all the Pre-requisites needed prior to submitting IT purchases.
Last Update : 21/06/2023
This document provides all IT charge accounts to be used in the Central Financial System (CFS), along with explanations and examples for each account.
Last Update : 30/08/2023
This form is a mandatory for all IT procurements to confirm that the information and documents submitted along with the purchase request have been reviewed by the entity’s IT Section / Directorate.
Last Update : 04/07/2023
This template helps government entities to summarize their telecommunication services, usage, and cost.
Last Update : 12/08/2021
This form should be used only by government entities outside the Central Financial System (CFS) to facilitate submitting their recurrent IT purchase requests.
Last Update : 04/07/2023
This template is required for all IT projects to help government entities to justify their IT projects or programs. It helps evaluating the benefit, cost, and risks, along with alternative options with rationale for the preferred solution.
Last Update : 23/07/2023
This template aims to help government cloud teams to define the right sizing of entities for cloud migration activities.
Published Date: 19/05/2022
This template is intended to organize the collection of data required for Hardware-related procurements.
Last Update : 12/10/2022
This template is intended to organize the collection of data required for Software-related procurements.
Last Update : 28/10/2021
These guidelines include important recommendations for government entities about common legal terms and conditions to be taken in consideration for documenting IT contracts.
Published Date: 11/07/2021
This template is intended to facilitate data collection for the Government Systems and Applications Portfolio. It also includes a set of guidelines and examples to help filling the forms.
Last Update : 30/01/2023